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Better late, than never!

Updated: Sep 19, 2021

They say better late than never.

A few years ago (around 8 of them), a person I really admire for his incredible ability to put thoughts into print actually told me that I should give writing a go. It also happens to be a person whose thoughts are very much aligned with mine, whether it's politics, personal beliefs and values, taste in movies and Anime... Let's just say that on that day he did make my day expressing the fact that he thought I had something to contribute in print as well.

I have ruminated on this for these past years to be quite honest and have had quite a few false starts, with facebook pages, websites and blogs that never took off. Perhaps it was not the right time at all and it just so happens that this was the right timing for me to open a blog.

What is certain is that there are always doubts. Perhaps it is the human condition to do so; perhaps it is also an issue of self-confidence. What if it's a waste of time? What if nobody will like what I have to write? What if it will be a venutre of just a few blog posts and then it will all fizzle out into nothing? What if it will be yet another false start?

It's kind of like my dieting habits. I tend to commit to a short burst of carefulness in the way I eat and train, then go back to my old binge eating habits without keeping the consistency. There are things that I keep 100% consistent about them, others less so, and part of my journey has always been trying to discover and ending up trying to forecast where will Roger dedicate that consistency and where not.

Recently I took up a fitness and nutrition programme which changed a lot of my personal outlook on many things in my life, and I guess it was also a catalyst for me to sum up the courage to start this blog.

There certainly is a lot of stuff to write about; one need only see my facebook posts that sometimes, if not often, take the form of a blog post. But facebook or Twitter are not the right place for me to write to my heart's content, and 120 characters most of the time does not cut it. Expect posts here related to Ethics, Education, Performing Arts, Acting, Musical Theatre, some things which may be of a personal nature, the Humanist worldview that I espouse, as well as some rants here and there. Make sure you drop me a message not only if you agree with me, but especially if you disagree with me.

It will not be a false start. I have decided to think differently this year and you could say it was a COVID transcendence. These two years reinforcing my pleasure of being an introvert has been illuminating and staying indoors engulfed by my own thoughts has made me more self-aware, bringing me to realizations about my priorities and about wanting to make my thoughts a reality at all costs.

Maybe it's true that life begins at forty - and my forties have started with these profound changes in myself which in turn have changed the way I see and experience things. To paraphrase Tolkien in Lord of the Rings, we do not get to choose the time we are living in, but all we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us.

This is what I will write about.

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3 comentarios

Alexander Smith
Alexander Smith
02 may 2023

Hi. If you didn't succeed with the blog and Facebook, you can try posting videos with your thoughts that you want to share. I can throw you a useful Facebook app, here you can compress the video so that its size is acceptable

Me gusta

Rachel Vella
Rachel Vella
18 oct 2021

Good luck for this beautiful journey you've embarked on. May it bring you loads of satisfaction, and the space to express yourself freely and creatively.

Me gusta
Roger Tirazona
Roger Tirazona
19 oct 2021
Contestando a

Thanks Rachel xx

Me gusta
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